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Read how scammers from, a website set up and managed by crooks in Moldova, defrauded unsuspecting students in US colleges and universities. The scammers from a former Soviet republic exploited a lack of supervision in the system of financial aid and simply posted fake scholarships in a number of colleges and universities in the US. The crooks promised to pay a scholarship in exchange for content written for their website engaged in fraud and scam schemes.

In order to fool the students the scammers proclaimed themselves to be "a European giant of transportation" and made reference to a number of preliminary created fake resources on, in Facebook, on and some others where they posted fake information about being a UK company in operation since 2000 and employing hundreds of employees. In actual fact, behind this website registered in 2016 there are just 2 crooks from Moldova, operating out of Chisinau via a shell entity without any capital or any assets. More information about these fraudsters is available in our investigation into the scam.

A number of US colleges and universities fell victim to the fake scholarships scam. We were reported this scam was perpetrated in the Washington State University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Central Piedmont Community College, Eastern Kentucky University. And we have no certitude this list is exhaustive.

Fake scholarship posted by on the website of the Washington State University

The person who reported this outrageous case to us alerted the University and, fortunately, quite quickly, this fake scholarship was removed.

Fake scholarship posted by on the website of the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Once alerted the US Universities removed the fake scholarship announcements. However, it may well be the fraudsters have also targeted other Universities in US or overseas. Should you know about such cases please report this information to us via our contact details available below

Fake profiles of 8rental scholarships winners

Trying to look credible the scammers even went as far as creating fake Facebook profiles where fake students pose as happy recipients of scholarships from

Harry Mowery - a fake identity scam: fake scholarship winner Harry Mowery

Kasia Pawlak - a fake identity scam: a fake scholarship winner Kasia Pawlak

Angus Birch - a fake identity scam: a fake scholarship winner Angus Birch

We are sure what we have reported here is only part of the iceberg of the fraud activities of this gang behind We invite all people and carriers who suffered from their criminal activities to report your cases to us at

Please share and distribute the information about this fraud in the social media and other resources.


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